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We are a friendly and knowledgeable mortgage broker based in Orange County, California with over 20 years in business. We specialize in very personal and helpful advice throughout the whole lending process as well as offering No Cost Loans to the majority of our clients.

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You will always correspond directly with a licensed broker who can show you all the best options available on the market today.


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South County Mortgage's most often closed loan is the highly sought after No Cost Loan. We save our clients thousands in unnecessary loan fees.

20+ Years in Business

You get the cream of the crop! Everyone working for South County Mortgage must have at least ten years of full time lending experience.

Did you know...

Your home loan can be paid off a year or more early without increasing your payment? And you are always in jeopardy of paying too much interest on your home loan.

Whenever interest rates drop by at least 1/4% and the cost is nominal—sometimes free—you are advised to refinance and lower the amount of interest you are paying to the bank.

This saves you BIG money and pays off your home early. Refinancing and lowering your rate can actually lower the term of your loan by a year or more, saving you tens of thousands that you will be throwing out if you do not refinance.

Here's a quick example

Let's say you borrowed $417,000 exactly one year ago at 4.00%. Your principle and interest payment is $1990.82 per month. Your balance would be just under $410,000. You now have 348 months remaining.

If you refinanced your balance of $410,000 at a new rate of 3.75%—only a quarter percent drop—you will have a new 30 year minimum payment of $1898.77.

By continuing to pay the same payment you have been paying of $1990.82, your new loan will be paid off 17 months sooner for a total savings of over $33,000!

If you decide to sell your home after you have refinanced and lowered your rate, you will walk away with more money if you follow the advice above. Stop gambling and trying to predict what interest rates are going to do. When opportunity knocks, say yes and start saving right now.